Postage / Packaging

Delivery Service
All pens are sent via Royal Mail unless otherwise requested in advance. Where possible the package will be sent with Track & Sign and includes either the highest or most appropriate insurance. When your package has been sent, you will be provided with a Royal Mail tracking number.

Pens sent internationally (outside of United Kingdom) will be sent via Royal Mail. When the package arrives in your destination country, it will be handed to an appropriate local service for final stage delivery. The Royal Mail tracking number should still be applicable.

Delivery Times
Confirmation of postage and tracking number will be sent to you on despatch, however I am unable to guarentee an arrival date of the package. Should you have concerns, please get in contact and I will progress with Royal Mail.

Your package size will vary depending on the amount of pens purchased or if gift packaging was requested. The pens will be packaged securely within a postal box to ensure safe arrival. All packages will be sent as a ‘Small Package’ to ensure costs remain as low as possible.